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He Called Me Lieutenant Angel

A death bed request inspires an Army Nurse to tell the truth about the war. He Called Me Lieutenant Angel speaks to you with the insistent voice of love, hope and redemption, from the Intensive Care Ward of a Vietnam Hospital. It is a story of strength and enlightenment, a tribute to all the extraordinary young soldiers and nurses who share the intimate, final moments of life.


"Thank you for this important gift to humanity. I could not put the book down. I was intensely engaged in the imagery of the poems, narrative and “aftertaste” of each chapter. I felt elated, saddened, shocked, tearful, angry, sympathetic, reflective, and even somehow envious over the dynamic relationship you had with Davey and the powerful experiences that came from it. I think about our men and women currently in war and pray that each of them has a Lt Angel by their side." ~Mark Stanford, PhD

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