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The 8 Essential Ingredients of Healing

DOs and DON’Ts of Healing



  • Celebrate your scars. They are evidence of healing.

  • ​Reflect on your past to hear its wisdom and learn its lessons.

  • Take appropriate caution, accountability, and action in dealing with your circumstances.

  • ​Talk with trusted advisors who have perspective, objectivity, and your best interests at heart.

  • ​Engage your creativity, gratitude, and sense of service when in pain. They are natural salves in the healing process.

  • Remember, you already possess the ingredients of healing. You are in the driver’s seat.


  • Hide your scars from yourself.

  • Ignore, avoid, or deny your past.

  • Live in fear, shame, or apology for past or present circumstances.

  • Engage in commiseration and “war stories”.

  • Indulge in thoughts of guilt, blame, or hopelessness.

  • Let anyone tread on your hopes and dreams.


“The past contains memories of the poignant and painful, the glorious and gruesome, and the helpful and harmful with equal neutrality. They simply exist for our review. The quality of our thinking determines whether we benefit from them.”    ~ Penny Rock

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