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We Declare

We Declare exposes the human face of war and calls upon all of us to be instruments of peace in our daily lives. It was in Vietnam, as an Army nurse, where Penny Rock experienced the true essence of war, and for 25 years kept silent about her experience. Since breaking her silence, she has seen her responsibility not to gloss over war, but to use the lessons of war as a teacher of peace. This book encourages us to shift our focus from pointing fingers, finding fault, and laying blame, to engaging in respectful dialogue to create a personal and national priority to embark on the path of peace.

"This is the book of the century. We Declare should be required reading at every level of government. Yes, we have the power to spin the world into destruction, but even more important, we have the power to stop it. We Declare tells us how." David B —Veteran, Iraq and Afghanistan Wars

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