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Power of a Clear Mind

Leadership is not a position—it is a state of mind. Every leadership decision flows directly from the state of mind in which it was made. The vital question is, are you leading your organization from a distracted or a clear state of mind? How do you know the difference?

In her groundbreaking book, Penny Rock introduces the "Power of a Clear Mind" principles that demonstrate the direct link between state of mind and decisions, actions, and results.

Many books have been written about leadership. Earlier books were about the need to “motivate” people to do what was required complete with examples of reward systems to maintain loyalty and effort. The focus was on behavior. Today’s books are more about leadership traits, how to “inspire” an organization and lead with a compelling vision of success connected to a larger purpose and sense of meaning. These books are usually filled with steps, techniques, theories, and concepts about “how to” lead from inspiration. The focus remains on behavior.

The question is, where does inspiration come from? What is the source of vision, inspiration, theories and concepts? Is it something we get from others? Are some people just special? Or, could it be that everyone has the capacity for clear-minded inspiration within them?

Ms. Rock does not teach steps, mechanics, or techniques. Nor does she focus on behavior. She focuses on the state of mind that produces the behavior. There is no business that could not benefit from the Power of a Clear Mind. Her approach is from a philosophical foundation and the underlying principles from which it is derived. A clear mind, and the natural wisdom it provides, is inherent in each person. In this book, we will discover the power and simplicity of our own clear minds.

This principles-based book provides an understanding of the power and momentum of a clear mind and how that helps us to be more creative and decisive about any action we take. It removes the “burden” and “hard work” of leadership. Instead, our diligence is rewarded with greater responsiveness, fluidity, wisdom, common sense, and productivity.
There is no possible business, circumstance or event in our lives that does not benefit from a clear mind. Not one.

That is its power and its beauty.




“Understanding the Power of a Clear Mind as a leadership principle changed my life, our team and our organization’s life, and unleashed a torrent of creativity that allowed us to proactively respond to business crises in a way that surprised even Wall Street.”

~ VP, Truck Engine Manufacturing


“The beauty of understanding the principles of leading from a clear state of mind is that it is life changing. No matter what event arises in any part of professional or personal life, I know that when my mind is clear I respond more creatively, proactively, and wisely. Individuals, teams, and organizations are more innovative and productive. Customers feel like partners. Family feels respected. It’s easier to navigate the tides.”

~ Managing Director, Global Engine, Manufacturing/Distribution

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